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Maier Sportstechnologies

Customised to deal with environmental and weather influences.

We only use high-quality technical fabric for our functional ski and outdoor clothing. Our product developers keep up to date with the latest research and are always looking for the best and most environmentally friendly fabrics and processing techniques all over the world. Our expertise is your advantage. We make sure that “everything fits” – from the function through to comfort.


Kids' outdoor and ski clothing often barely lasts two seasons as the little ones outgrow their clothes so quickly. We realise this is a problem and have come up with a family-friendly solution: mGROW.

System Dual Protection what winners wear!

Revolutionary and award-winning: System Dual Protection solves an age-old problem – condensation. The unique double membrane with a built-in air bridge can process a great deal of moisture and transport it to the surface. The interior stays dry even during strenuous activities.