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Become a Maier Sports model

and win a photo shoot in the Allgäu

We’re always on the move. Always tinkering away. Looking for new and better solutions. So that your pants and jacket fit perfectly. To fit and suit you. How you are. And how you want to be. To show all that, we need you – a very different, very unique model.


Go for it and show us who you are. Become our strong model!

We’re looking for real characters with an edge. And that doesn’t mean perfect proportions of 36-24-36, a six-pack, long-legged superstars or model athletes. We want people who love being in the outdoors, are active in nature and at one with the world and themselves. So your measurements aren’t important. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re big or slim, tall or short. What’s important to us is that you feel comfortable in your skin and can show it. Because we want authentic models who know what life is all about and can represent what they enjoy doing: being active in the outdoors.

Here's what you need to do:

it’s easy to apply. Simply send us a picture of yourself that shows your personality. That you enjoy nature. What you experience in the outdoors. Show yourself however you want to. Then write a short text, just a few words expressing what you love about nature, the outdoors and being active and why you think you’re the perfect model for Maier Sports. Impress us and we’ll invite you to a professional one-day Maier Sports photo shoot in the Allgäu in Germany for our next campaign.

The campaign has already ended. The participation is unfortunately no longer possible.