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Maier SportsSlow Trekking

Connoisseurs like it light

Slow food and light cuisine have long since made their mark in the world of delicious cuisine. When we look at the outdoor world, being active in nature along with an ever-lighter kit have become popular with trekking enthusiasts during this time as well, something we will be able to enjoy once we can move about outside freely again.

Forget blood, sweat and tears, excessive performance and altitude, the focus now lies on connecting with nature using all your senses. Outdoor enthusiasts have “slowing down”, comfort and pleasure right at the top of their wish list. That’s obviously easier to achieve when their clothing is lighter. Especially when it comes to longer tours off the beaten track, possibly with a tent and more luggage, less weight means an increase in physical ability and energy conservation that you can put to better use by experiencing nature even more.

A lighter jacket gives you more comfort, pleasure and vitality. To make sure that this winning formula works for trekking enthusiasts, product developers and clothing engineers at Maier Sports have once again shown just how much they enjoy tinkling about. The new trekking products are brimming with useful innovations and improved trusted technologies, which have also improved in terms of sustainability. All of our models have an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish. Important: the durable products boast excellent quality, which is why Maier Sports grants a five-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. However, should any problems arise, the specialists in our in-house sewing department will be able to take remedial action.


All that is especially true of Maier Sports’ completely redesigned Tind 2.5-layer trekking jacket that comes in a men’s and women’s cut. A low weight combined with full weather protection and comfort is what makes this lightweight stand out. The environmentally friendly PFC-free outer fabric is firmly attached to the windproof, waterproof and breathable mTEX 10.000 membrane. That makes two layers. Experts count the inner protective layer that prevents the membrane from being damaged as the remaining half layer.

This construction saves weight and increases vapour permeability. The latter is further boosted by the integrated underarm ventilation, which you’ll grow to appreciate when the trails get steeper or the temperatures higher on your tour. Another advantage of the Tind is its small pack size that fits easily into your backpack. This in turn increases the likelihood of you taking this jacket with you on one of your summer tours. As we know that rain and thunderstorms can still occur on sunny days. And since the jacket looks very sporty with its asymmetrical design, there’s a good chance that you’ll take this impressively lightweight and comfortable jacket on every tour.


Harsh conditions are always to be expected on trekking tours, especially when trekking off the beaten track for several days. This is exactly what the durable and lightweight Tangstad trekking jacket, available in a men’s and women’s version, was developed for. It also comes with a robust 3-layer construction. PFC-free outer fabric, the mTEX 20.000 membrane and lining material are laminated together into a single unit with carefully taped seams.

The stretch jacket is windproof, waterproof and breathable. After all, it can get really sweaty when trekking through rough terrain while carrying a lot of luggage on your shoulders. Every trekker will appreciate the effective underarm ventilation and width-adjustable cuffs. The Tangstad has an ergonomic fit with spacious pockets and a grown-on hood that can be stowed in the collar. The sporty two-tone and asymmetrical design gives this highly functional trekking jacket a distinct look that radiates dynamism.


Being a fitting and noted outdoor pants specialist, Maier Sports obviously has the right pants for nature and trekking enthusiasts. Germany’s outdoor pants expert has created a product family with the Norit range that consists of high-performance trekking pants and skirts.

The Norit 2.0 technical trekking pants are the core product and available in a men’s and women’s version. Made from lightweight, extremely hard-wearing double fabric that has been designed for warmer weather. During your next tour, which you might even be planning right now, you’ll be thrilled by the clever waist solution featuring an elasticated belt strap, flex zone and belt loops. This is why the waistband hugs the body perfectly. You’ll barely feel the pants as the bi-elastic fabric follows your every move without any resistance and their lightness makes them very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the unique inner fabric composition, the pants won’t stick to skin, even during strenuous activities. Maier Sports, the pants specialist, aspires to provide the right pants for everyone. This explains why the Norit 2.0 is available in 61 different sizes – 25 for women and 36 for men.

Should anyone prefer a more versatile style, then they can’t go wrong with the zip-off Norit model. A quick way of turning the lightweight trekking pants into Bermuda shorts. The name is easy to remember: Norit Zip 2.0. This model is also available for men and women, as is the Norit Short.


Only available for women, the Norit Skirt trekking skirt has a hem cord to hitch it up a little shorter. Maier Sports developed the technical Norit Skortin outdoor skort for all the ladies who want to wear a skirt on a via ferrata. while protecting themselves from prying eyes. The shorts under the skirt are made from the same bi-elastic fabric as the skirt, close-fitting but not skin-tight. This is what makes the Skortin very comfortable to wear, even in hot weather. Practical details include the skort’s three pockets.

One more tip for female outdoor enthusiasts who like wearing comfortable clothes: the Maier Sports trekking tights. Bi-elastic, robust stretch fabric that quickly wicks moisture away from the body, a soft and smooth comfortable waist, an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish and a great fit are striking features of these super trendy trekking tights. There are three versions to choose from: Ophit, Ophit Capri and Ophit Plus with additional knee reinforcements.


Maier Sports also has tops to match. Cool functional T-shirts, blouses and shirts with striking cuts, great fits and SILVERPLUS® freshness technology. The tops dry in a flash, quickly wick moisture away from the body and are nice and light to wear.