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Maier SportsSki Trousers

Wedeling casually down the piste

Fresh powdery snow is glistening on the slope, the sun is high in a cloudless sky and a gentle refreshing breeze is blowing – everything’s been arranged for a wonderful day on the piste. If it weren’t for those old ski trousers that you’ve worn for way too many seasons, the only flaw in such a perfect set-up. But no need to worry as you can best replace them with ski trousers from Maier Sports. Fashionable, functional and fantastic to wear – the collection where you’re going to find your next ski trousers is all that and more.

Maier Sports Ski Trousers for women

Maier Sports Ski Trousers for men

What makes good ski trousers?

Skiing is all about speed, adrenaline, nature and fun. If you really want to enjoy your time on the slopes, then you need the appropriate gear – made up of skis and ski clothing. The trousers often come into contact with snow, so consequently the fabric and workmanship have to be high. Otherwise it can quickly become very uncomfortable on long piste days when the snow gets into your trousers or you realise while putting them on that the trousers legs are too narrow for your ski boots. If you want to buy good ski trousers, then they have to:

  • be weatherproof,
  • be highly breathable,
  • have a perfect fit
  • and enable complete freedom of movement. 

Once all of these points have been ticked off your check list, you’ll have a reliable pair of trousers to enjoy the winter and can simply embark on your next ski holiday. But it can get even better. Practical applications on snow trousers such as edge protection or a snow guard add the perfect finishing touch.

Trousers for all types of skiers

Touring, freeriding, all-mountain skiing, carving – the different types of skiing are just as different as their skiers. Some like to plough off-piste through deep snow up high while others prefer to make casual curves on freshly groomed ski runs. We always keep these preferences in mind when designing our ski trousers, which fall into roughly three categories:


Type of skier

Ski trousers cut  

  • sporty  
  • SlimFit    
  • casual
  • LooseFit / Regular Fit   
  • stylish 
  • SlimFit /Regular Fit    

Our ski trousers always look good, regardless of the cut you choose. We focus on timeless designs that are suitable for all kinds of outfit combinations and that can prove their effectiveness on the slopes. On the one hand our SlimFit trousers are tighter as this will improve your aerodynamics, and are lighter as less fabric is used. On the other hand slim fit is an everyday fashion trend that has found its way onto the ski pistes.

Casually cruising on the slopes goes well with casual ski clothing. LooseFit is just what you need when you want your clothes to be more comfortable and loose-fitting. Moreover, the slightly wider cut is perfect for wider body types so that your new ski trousers can be worn more comfortably.


What do you wear underneath?

The onion, or layering, principle is a much-used image when it comes to skiing or winter hiking. Lots of layers of clothes are often a hindrance for complete manoeuvrability. A warm midlayer replaces layers of vests and woolly jumpers, will keep you warm and provides the necessary freedom of movement while skiing. An unbeatable combination with a ski jacket and ski trousers.

Good old long johns are still a popular accessory worn under ski trousers.


Technologies for more fun on the pistes

Swooshing down the piste, sitting in the sun surrounded by snow, falling down involuntarily and snowball fights – a day on the piste is long. If you want to be ready for anything that could happen on the piste, you’ll soon discover that there’s more to our ski trousers than meets the eye. The truth lies in the detail and it becomes more obvious at second glance or at the latest when you’re standing on your skis. For our ski trousers look good and are full of fine touches that have been added to enhance your skiing experience.


Ultimate weather protection

The weather can be treacherous on the mountains. Sunshine can change into a snow storm from one moment to the next. So your ski clothing needs to be weatherproof. To fulfil these requirements, we equip our ski trousers with different technologies. They include:

  • mTEX
  • Stormprotec
  • Treatment with a water-repellent finish 

It's the composition of our water-repellent finish that makes it so special. Some companies still use perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals, but we eliminated PFC in all of our product range in 2018. Instead, we developed our own emulsion for treating our outdoor and ski clothing. It seals the surfaces, makes them completely waterproof while retaining breathability and comfort. Moreover, the emulsion makes our ski trousers very easy care.

Assuming responsibility, standing up for what we believe in, for us and our planet – this is why we have completely eliminated PFC in our entire production process.

stormprotec promises what it’s name says: protection from stormy weather conditions. As such, it is completely windproof, meaning no gust of wind can penetrate the fabric from the outside. High breathability is still provided from the inside so that moisture such as sweat can escape to the outside. Along with increased comfort and great freedom of movement, stormprotec is a fantastic addition to our ski trousers.

mTEX has water columns of 5,000 mm, 10,000 mm and 20,000 mm. This high-tech fabric meets the toughest demands.

We provide our ski trousers with the best weather protection and use customised, internal solutions such as mTEX. The fabric not only creates a seal against moisture and wind from the outside, but also allows water vapour to escape from the inside. So breathability and weather protection go hand in hand – thanks to the technology for our ski trousers and other garments.

Warm and cosy - thanks to padding

The cold is not a problem for skiers when they have the right gear. Therefore, the main purpose of our ski trousers is to keep you nice and warm while you take slope after slope. To achieve this, they need wonderfully warm padding that keeps your body temperature at a pleasant level. As sports and exercise are a sweaty affair, they also provide breathability.

A microfibre made with 70% recycled PET bottles – PrimaLoft® insulation, our environmentally friendly, premium-quality heat champion.

The innovative fibres deliver optimum temperature conditions on the piste. Wrapped around you, you can confront any cold weather head-on and spend a wonderful time on your skis.

Our reputation: we are a fitting specialist

No body is the same. Some have long legs and a small waist and vice versa. The requirements on the fit of ski trousers couldn’t be more different. This is why we have developed a sizing system that focuses on classic clothes sizes, which are divided into three subsizes. They are:

  • Long size
  • Normal size
  • Short size 

The normal size focuses on the ratio between leg length and waist size. We have modified this ratio for our long and short sizes to be able to provide the right ski trousers for different body types. We have decreased the leg length for our short sizes by about 5 cm, and made them about 5 cm longer for our long sizes. The waist has been adapted proportionally in both cases. Ensuring everyone can find their perfect ski trousers at Maier Sports.

Extras that make ski trousers extraordinary

Technologies, fashionable cuts, fits – what else do ski trousers need to make them world-class? The answer: additional extras. Useful additions on ski trousers catapult them to an even higher level. We accommodate a variety of combinations in various ski trousers models. They include:

  • Leg zips
  • Edge protection
  • Snow guard
  • Water-resistant zips 

Ski boots can still be quite bulky. Leg zips are the perfect little helpers that enable trousers legs to fit over boots in order to prevent snow from getting in. The edge protection on the hem of the trousers legs protects the sensitive spot from accidentally getting cut by the sharp edges of the skis.