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Perfectly dressed in every weather Maier Sports Midlayers

Outdoor enthusiasts want to feel comfortable from head to toe. In any weather. Employing the onion principle to clothing is a clever solution. And this is where midlayers come in: the highly functional pullovers, jackets and T-shirts bridge the gap between functional underwear and the outer jacket that is responsible for weather protection. The midlayer forms the all-important insulating layer while providing maximum comfort.

Feel comfortable in any situation: the onion principle

A midlayer is the middle layer between the functional underwear (base layer) and the hardshell or softshell jacket (outer layer). It insulates us against the cold. By choosing the right midlayer, the warmth of the clothing can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions and to the intensity of the activity. The layering system is based on the onion principle. By putting on and taking off individual layers, you can “adjust” the temperature so that you stay warm and dry.

The functional underwear and functional jacket can only play to their strengths with the appropriate midlayer. Otherwise the clothing system will not work. When choosing a midlayer, it is important to make sure that moisture can be transported from the skin to the outside. This is why midlayers contain highly functional artificial fibres.

Midlayers for women

Appropriate midlayers for any season

Regardless of whether it is summer or winter – a midlayer is a must for any outdoor wardrobe. People prefer light summer jackets on hot days whereas warm fleece jackets and insulating jackets do a great job in winter. If and how much insulation is necessary greatly depends on the outside temperature and the intensity of the physical activity.

The best known and popular fabric for midlayers is fleece. This cosy and quick-drying insulating fabric was once developed for the US army and has become indispensable for outdoor clothing today. Fleece clothing is very flexible, which allows for close-fitting garments. It ensures nothing can bother you under your backpack or arms and the clothing follows your every move.  Together with the excellent moisture transportation and high breathability, this means: a fleece midlayer delivers the right amount of warmth and can be worn all year round.

for women Midlayers Highlights

Midlayers for men

For the mountains and town: midlayers for men

An enmeshed surface provides another choice of finish. It creates fashionable midlayers, which are the first choice for sports activities and also look great at an alpine lodge. It’s hardly surprising that they have also become popular for everyday use. Maier Sports’ midlayers are made from quick-drying fabrics so that not only the look fulfils sporty, fashionable or even everyday demands.

Our Tapora is a men’s technical midlayer with a modern melange look. The light, close-fitting jacket ensures plenty of freedom of movement with its stretch inserts. The odour-inhibiting properties of merino wool and their high breathability are also very beneficial. Perfect for wearing on its own or for layering under a hardshell jacket.

for men Midlayers Highlights