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Maier SportsMidlayers

the perfect garment for outdoor fans

It’s a familiar scenario for skiers and snowboarders everywhere – putting on one layer of clothing after another to make sure they are wrapped up warm in spite of the cold before setting off. This is where a midlayer comes into play – the middle layer of clothing between a base layer and the outer layer, such as a softshell or ski jacket.

for women Midlayers Highlights

This functional underwear insulates your body from the cold, which is why the midlayers from Maier Sports are so popular in ski regions, especially when the thermometer dips below zero. While the base layer channels your sweat away and the outer layer protects you from the elements, the middle layer is responsible for providing additional heat – even in icy temperatures. Find out which one would best suit you and how functional the fabrics from Maier Sports are here.

for man Midlayer Highlights

for men and women Comfortable midlayers for men and women

Midlayers are the middle layer of clothing, based on the onion principle. They will vary depending on the season, so summer or winter, and can also be chosen for a specific sport. Fleece jackets and jumpers replace light longsleeves for alpine sports during the cold season. The Maier Sports models are perfect for ski sports.

By putting on and taking off individual layers, you can control the temperature so that you stay warm and dry. Women and men alike can expect a great selection of sporty and fashionable pieces, such as:

  • Half zips
  • Bi-elastic ski turtlenecks
  • Microfleeces
  • Fleece jackets 

Ski turtlenecks provide additional protection for the throat, full zips on ski jackets or half zips make it easier to put on and take off the garments and can be used to regulate ventilation as you need it. No matter which model you choose, a midlayer worn between functional underwear and a ski jacket lets them play to their strengths when you’re racing down the slopes. What’s important is that the moisture from the skin or base layer can be transported to the surface. This is why Maier Sports only uses high-functional synthetic fibres and special technologies for its high-quality products.

the fabrics all-round talents for the cold

A midlayer should be warm, dry and comfortable. But what does the perfect fleece jacket still have to do to equip you for the cold winter? First and foremost, a good midlayer has to be well-made. You then know that it will provide maximum comfort and that the fashion factor won't come too short. By enmeshing the surface, Maier Sports makes functional and fashionable midlayers that not only look great when you’re skiing down the slopes, but also when you're relaxing and celebrating at the lodge. To achieve all this, stretch and quick-drying materials and technologies are used:

  • PES
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • dryprotec 

Freedom of movement is necessary for high-speed runs and maximum control. Therefore, the midlayers – for men and women – are almost exclusively made with PES and stretch fabric. The synthetic fibres are warm and extremely lightweight. They will make your clothing feel like a second skin and won’t get in the way on the piste or at a lively après-ski party.

When you do any kind of physical activity, your body produces sweat – even in cold ski regions. Your clothing should be equipped with the relevant functions so you can still stay nice and dry. Thus, the special dryprotec technology perfectly transports moisture away from the skin and is quick to dry. It channels moisture to the surface of the material where it can quickly evaporate. It's the special construction of this synthetic material that lets the clothing dry with lightning speed. This helps the midlayer remain light while providing a high level of comfort.

When combined with Maier Sports’ dryprotec ski jackets, moisture transport is even better and prevents moisture from accumulating between the two layers. Another highlight of this technology: all products are easy to clean and extremely low maintenance.

The midlayer for ski enthusiasts: with a PFC-free finish

As one of the pioneers in the outdoor industry, Maier Sports is committed to producing clothing that is completely free from PFC. It reached this ambitious goal in 2018. All clothing and midlayers have an environmentally friendly finish. The PFC-free finish will not only benefit our planet, but also your ski and outdoor experiences as all our midlayers are:

  • breathable
  • wash-resistant
  • abrasion-proof
  • can be reactivated with heat exposure
  • protect from rain and moisture 

Enjoying sports while taking responsibility for our environment – this is what Maier Sports stands for. So your clothing not only feels pleasant on your skin and protects you from accumulated moisture, but it also plays a part in reducing environmental pollution. You can now confidently steer towards the winter, fully equipped with the right functional clothing.

Perfect fit for every body

When it comes to functional clothing, the perfect fit is right at the top of the check list next to high-quality fabrics. Midlayers made from fleece are very flexible, which allows them to have a close-fitting cut. So while you’re speeding down the piste, nothing can bother you under your arms or backpack as the clothing will follow your every move with the greatest of ease.

As a fitting specialist, Maier Sports designs its clothing true to the motto, “For something to function, it first has to fit”. Bearing this basic requirement in mind, our midlayers are available in different sizes and fits to make it easy for everyone to find one that fits them perfectly. This is the only way for outdoor adventurers to find their ideal midlayer and dedicate themselves to their sport without any distractions.

The right care for your midlayer

A piste covered by fresh snow, waxed skis, bright sunshine – ideal conditions for a great weekend. All you now need to do is to wash your clothing so that you can finally get out there. And you don’t even have to go to the dry cleaner’s. Most midlayers can also be washed in the washing machine. This is mainly due to the fact that they’re made from very easy-care fabric. However, before doing so, read the instructions on the garment labels to play it safe. If your pieces have a zip: close them!

You should also use a special functional detergent to wash your midlayers so they can continue to transport moisture effectively and re-dry quickly. And you’ll also be declaring war on odour-forming bacteria.

Avoid using conventional mild detergents for functional textiles as they often contain dyes or fragrances, which can set in the fabric and limit the breathability of the garments for good.

All Maier Sports pieces have a PFC-free finish. We recommend applying an additional protective layer using PFC-free devices at regular intervals after you have washed your midlayer several times. This helps your clothing maintain its functionality and you can continue to enjoy if for a long time to come.

Warming wonder when it gets cold – midlayers from Maier Sports

Thanks to now 80 years of experience in the outdoor segment, Maier Sports has established itself as a fitting specialist and puts all its expertise into developing and producing top-quality functional and ski clothing. Say goodbye to abrasive seams, cuts that are too tight and frostbite – a midlayer made from warm thermal fabrics will equip you with everything you need for your next ski holiday.