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Perfect fit in more than 50 different sizes.

One jacket – more than 50 sizes. We as fitting specialists have been very successful with this unique sizing concept for our pants for many years. We have extended our fitting concept, which consists of pants in normal, long and short sizes, to our 3-season Metor jacket and the new winter Metor Therm jacket. Allowing everyone to find a jacket with the perfect fit.

The Metor fits to every occasion

At all outdoor friends, nature lovers, hikers, strollers, dog owners, city drifters, cyclists and many more, who are active outside with pleasure, may be glad about the new Metor of Maier Sports. With 30 various men and 23 women sizes there are no any too long or too short sleeves and no too large or tight jacket. The Metor fits - and that in many different occasions.

The Metor is a perfect three-seasons jacket from sprint to fall and then we offer our padded Metor Therm jacket for wintry days in the winter months. With the Metor, Maier Sports proves once more is persuasive role as a perfect fit specialist. The status as a fit specialist compiles Maier Sports over many years in particular with the pants, as you can read on the following sides. And because pants and jacket are produced by one hand, both are tuned in the matter of fit and colour of course perfectly on each other.

The Metor represents Functionality

The Metor jacket is very varied and well-appointed with our wind- and waterproof as well as breathable mTEX 10.000 membrane. Metor provides a completed weather protection and even at sudorific activities a pleasant climate.

Obvious all seams are welded. Thanks to the technology AGION ACTIVE®: all unpleasant smells are avoided and freshness became a new meaning. Thereby the Metor with its mesh lining is comfortable, thin and soft. The Metor jacket feels simply good.


At the same time, we have paid attention to a material which is very abrasion-resistant. Thanks to its ripstop processing, the material proves as very tear-resistant. In nature you can eventually come into contact with shrubs, hedges or rock faces and your backpack should not leave ugly tracks on the jacket. Do you want to extend your urban outfit in cities? Than you can zip-off the hood without any difficulties.

With regard to fashion the metor meets all wishes

The Metor meets all the wishes with regard to functionality and fashion. With its smart design and with the clear-cut guidance fit the jacket in any case too hiking or leisure time outfits and remains for many seasons topical.

For women we offer eight different colours and men can choose between seven colours. Important to know: Maier Sports granteds at the Metor a fifth-year warranty of material and processing as at all other items as well.

Finally, everything should fit functionally as well as fashionable. How did an enthusiastically trader call the Metor? Exactly: the "always-with-you jacket".

The Metor can be used everywhere Packaway

By the way the Metor convince as well, if you do not need once a time but, besides, anyway to have. Then it makes itself small. The Metor is namely a Packaway which allows to pack itself practically in itself.

With it the jacket fits laxly in every backpack - and at a break you can use the soft Packaway as a comfortable pillow. You will appreciate this certainly also on your journey trips by rail, bus, airplane or car.


We have done our successful Metor jacket of spring winterproof. We offer our "always-with-you jacket" in two versions. The Metor jacket is just appropriate for spring and pleasant cool days in fall. Our Metor Therm has an effective, insulating and thin padding and therefore it is the perfect choice for everybody who wants to experience the natur at cold days in autumn or at wintery conditions.

The padding is so chosen that the insulation keeps the temperature inside the jacket warm, but without too cause a sweaty feeling if you are outside at low temperatures. At the same time the Maier Sports experts have kept an eye that the Metor Therm have got furthermore a small packing sizes. It can be packed very fast in itself.

The Maier Sports Metor in the overview