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Maier Sports guide

Why choose outdoor pants?

Maier Sports guide Why choose outdoor pants?

Noch immer sind gefühlt 50 % der Wander-Fans in Jeans oder anderen Alltagshosen unterwegs. Dabei bieten funktionelle Wander- und Trekkinghosen in vielerlei Hinsicht ein deutliches Plus an Tragekomfort, Bewegungsfreiheit und Wetterschutz. Spezielle Wander- und Outdoorhosen machen das Leben leichter und den Wanderspaß spürbar größer.

Perfect fit: key criteria for a perfect fit are the right leg length and width. With Maier Sports, there's no need to accept “waders” or turn up your pants as we offer the corresponding long and short sizes. Choose between regular and slim fit, the latter makes your legs look slimmer. One thing we’re sure of: only something that fits properly can work properly. This is why we offer pants in 36 men’s and 25 women’s sizes.

Functional fabric: another key criterion that makes them different to jeans and everyday pants is the functional fabric. Hiking pants mainly consist of a polyamide/elastane or a polyester/elastane blend that is breathable, transports moisture quickly to the surface and dries quickly. While jeans fully absorb water, become heavy and feel extremely uncomfortable on the skin when it’s wet, hiking pants take on practically no water, stay light and dry out quickly once the downpour is over.

Complete freedom of movement: when you're outdoors, you don’t only walk on clear paths. In fact, uneven terrain, a tree lying across the path or a stream often force you to jump or squat low. That’s when freedom of movement is needed. Hiking pants are therefore cut in a way that easily allows these kinds of extreme movements. We also use stretch and bi-elastic fabric for our pants — so they can follow every move.

Abrasion resistance: being in the outdoors can be tough sometimes, this is where abrasion resistance is needed. Pants often come into contact with stones and bushes when you are hiking. You need a fabric that won’t tear and also won’t continue to rip. Especially abrasion-proof polyamide fabrics or grid-like woven ripstop fabrics have proven to be very robust under such conditions.

Preformed knees: preformed knees also play a large part in having a perfect fit and complete freedom of movement. Special darts in the knee area make the pants legs look “crooked” when the pants are hanging on a clothes hanger or held up. These preformed knees improve the fit and aid movement while walking, especially when bending the knees. Because when you walk, your knees are rarely straight, instead they are usually more or less bent.

Waterproof finish: good outdoor pants provide weather protection. All Maier Sports pants, therefore, have an appropriate waterproof finish. It repels rainwater and hikers are perfectly protected from downpours. All of our stretch outdoor pants now also have an environmentally friendly PFC-free waterproof finish, i.e. free from perfluorinated or polyfluorinated chemicals. This very permanent waterproof finish is still effective after frequent washing and can be reactivated by heat e.g. in a dryer.