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Maier SportsOutdoor pants

They are the star

The most difficult and demanding piece of clothing to manufacture for a hiker, trekker, mountaineer or other outdoor enthusiast is the pants. This is what all textile specialists who have already looked into the subject of pants say. Maier Sports has managed to establish itself as the pants and fit specialist in the sports and outdoor sector.


Just like perfectly fitting shoes, perfectly fitting pants manage to become something like product heroes. There are not so many of them. For pants, perhaps the 501 from Levi’s or our Nil and Lulaka hiking pants, which are regular test winners. At the bottom of the page, you can see a large number of pants. All from Maier Sports. And that’s by no means all of them. “Why so many different ones if you have perfectly fitting super pants in the form of Nil and Lulaka?,” you will ask.
An understandable question. But we also have a good answer to that: Firstly, different pants versions are based on the Nil and Lulaka. Others were modified and further developed on the basis of these experiences and findings. And, of course, we are constantly rethinking when it comes to pants. A good example of this are our Naturno and Lana trekking and touring pants, which have now managed to achieve almost cult status in their category as independent product personalities. Secondly, there are naturally various reasons for the enormous variety, just a fraction of which you can see here

  • All of our bodies are different. So we need to develop pants that respect these differences. After all, everyone is entitled to have sensible, well-fitting pants, regardless of their figure.
  • Many of us do very different things and want the perfect pants for this. So pants have to cope with the very diverse demands that hikers, trekkers, mountain climbers, snowshoers, ski tourers, travellers and globetrotters, dog walkers, stadium and Christmas market visitors, and rain fans, etc. have.
  • The anatomy of women and men differs noticeably in certain areas that are relevant for the fit of pants.
  • We don’t live in the Caribbean and so have to cope with frequently changing climatic conditions, which requires a wide range of pants models.
  • We’re vain. Everyone wants to look good. And that’s not just a matter of individual taste. Assessing what looks good is also subject to increasingly rapid social change. There are naturally other arguments. We will thus tell you later in our text a bit more about what our different pants can do, what they are made for, what the differences are and why we often make our pants models in 61 different sizes.

They have to fit

One thing first, before you learn more about some of our pants models here. We offer our pants in up to 61 different sizes. Not all, but many. Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to go out and enjoy nature. With sensible pants, regardless of build, ambition or figure. The enjoyment factor is diminished right from the outset if your pants pinch at the waist or bottom, the pants leg is too short or too long or the pants knee sits on your shin. And we all know: Only something that fits properly can work properly. By the way: All of our pants feature an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish.

Our series test winners

We don’t want to brag. But many experts and testers from various outdoor magazines are also of the opinion that our Nil (men) and Lulaka (women) hiking pants are great. Numerous test victories confirm this. We developed this pants duo especially for hiking, but many people also use these bi-elastic functional pants, which offer a lot of freedom of movement and shine with a great fit, as travel pants. The pants can barely be felt, dry quickly thanks to dryprotec and fit perfectly with their elasticated waist and belt. When it gets really warm, you can always give your leg a little more air and sunshine thanks to the roll-up pants. Nil and Lulaka: Our top recommendation, three-season hiking pants with a travel bonus. 
With the models Inara Slim (ladies) and Torid Slim (men), we also offer these pants in a version with a slimmer leg for a sporty, slim silhouette.

Sunny fall

When fall shows its golden and warmer side, we naturally have other alternatives in our range in terms of hiking and trekking pants. We thus offer our zip-off pants for a flexible transition from summer to fall. A pair of long pants is transformed into Bermuda shorts in no time at all. Women have the choice between the highly comfortable Nata with its T-zip construction, where you can leave your shoes on when changing your pants leg. The model Arolla with its classic zip-off design turns into 3/4 pants. Both are made from the pleasantly light bi-elastic fabric, which has been tried and tested for many years in the Nil and Lulaka models, offers great comfort, and can barely be felt. The counterparts for the men bear the names Tajo (T-zip) and Tajo 2 (classic zip-off).

When it gets colder

When the typical fall fog appears and the temperatures drop, it’s time for a warmer pair of pants. For those who want to challenge themselves physically and are planning more demanding fall tours, we recommend our multi-award-winning trekking and touring pants Naturno or Naturno Slim for men or Lana Slim for women. These robust technical pants can even be worn on winter hikes, snowshoe tours or skiing trips. The hard-wearing, breathable and bi-elastic double stretch fabric follows every move and will also not be affected by any contact with rocks or ice. If your trips out aren’t so intensive, we recommend our elasticated all-rounder for cold days. For women, the pants are called Rechberg, for men Oberjoch. They are lightly lined and designed for a wide range of outdoor activities at medium to low activity levels. The water-repellent fabric dries in a flash thanks to dryprotec. The bi-elasticity provides complete freedom of movement and an excellent fit. By the way, these pants are not a bad idea for visiting the Christmas markets either.

Winter approaches

Of course, we also have pants in our range that are popular when fall already feels like winter. Are you one of those tough outdoor sports enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on their hike or trek even when the first snow is falling? Then our model Tech Pants M (men) or Tech Pants W (women) is the top choice for you. The perfect outdoor softshell pants for a medium to high activity level on cold days. Ambitious athletes appreciate the robustness and freedom of movement of these pants as well as the warm inner fleece fabric with great insulation. The perfect fit and the slim cut impress every outdoor fan.

If you are drawn outside for an extended walk or a longer hike on cold fall days, we recommend our softshell model Perlit. Available for men and women. With the robust cold-weather hiking pants, you can enjoy landscapes enchanted by the frost or mystical fog tours, where you always hope that the sun will still break through. If the weather gets worse, you’ll be happy about the windproof and water-repellent stormprotec membrane and the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish. Thanks to the casual 5-pocket style, you can also visit fall and Christmas markets without worrying about fashion, and you will always be on the safe side in terms of thermal comfort.

Special products

To finish, here are two more recommendations that are out of the ordinary. One only for women: our hiking and trekking tights. These tight-fitting outdoor pants have become indispensable in the hiking regions of the world. Beautifully comfortable, functional and robust. The Ophit is our versatile hiking tight. It is water-repellent, dries quickly thanks to dryprotec and is stable enough to withstand the conditions during hikes and many outdoor activities. The bi-elastic woven material gives plenty of freedom of movement, impresses with a super fit, and nestles nicely against the body with its wide waist without constricting.

The model Ophit Plus is somewhat more robust. The reinforced knees and posterior increase resistance in these areas, which are placed under particular strain during more demanding and long tours. And, to finish, a topic that is often forgotten: rain pants. Every hiker and trekker has a rain jacket to hand, but the pants... We have the perfect rain pants for you with the Raindrop. The mTEX 10.000 membrane makes them windproof, waterproof and breathable. The side zip that goes up to the hip makes it easier to put them on and take off when wearing shoes.