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Maier SportsFunctional pants

practical, versatile, sustainable

The sun starts to slowly disappear behind the mountain ridge, taking the last rays of light with her. Ahead of you, against the light, are the final few metres to the mountain lodge you’ve chosen as your destination for the day. Behind you, a trail full of stones, roots and other obstacles that couldn’t hinder you or your kit. Thanks to Maier Sports’ functional pants, these kinds of tours are no longer a dream, but can in fact become reality.

Maier Sports functional pants for women

Maier Sports functional pants for men

Maier Sports functional pants

What are functional pants?

The name is the game with these kinds of pants. No matter whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors by hiking or climbing, pottering around in your garden or commuting to work in the pouring rain – multi-functional pants are useful in all of these situations. They may excel in all kinds of contexts and activities, but there is more to functional pants than meets the eye. They are also:

  • tough
  • lightweight
  • comfortable
  • weatherproof
  • perfectly fitting 

Our functional pants protect you from the wind, rain, slush and snow thanks to high-tech membranes with technologies such as mTEX or stormprotec. So you will always be warm and dry on your adventures, no matter what the weather. Moreover, the fabrics we use are so durable and resistant that we can confidently make a special promise to you: a 5-year guarantee from the purchase date.

The perfect fit for you

Based on many decades of development, we at Maier Sports have worked hard at earning our reputation as a fitting specialist. Every single one of our products first has to fit. What’s more, as specialists, we do not focus on generic standard sizes, but instead use classic clothes sizes. As a result, every pair of functional pants is available in up to 36 different sizes so you can find clothing that fits you perfectly. Moreover, we have the following sizing:

  • Short size
  • Normal size
  • Long size 

Every body is unique so that the normal sizes are not always the best choice. As we want your functional pants to fit perfectly, we have added two categories to our selection of sizes. Short sizes have shorter pants legs, by about 5 cm – while maintaining the proportions. Our long sizes work exactly the other way round, which means that the leg length of your functional pants is about 5 cm longer.

Conquering tough terrain with ease

Another climbing trip is imminent, the via ferrata winds across scree fields, crampons and rope bridges towards the summit. Your kit, from the cap and jacket to the functional pants and shoes, shouldn’t only protect you from the cold or heat. It also has to be able to withstand any weather. However, we have to mention one more important factor: freedom of movement. This is where resistant polyamides come into play, as we mainly use them for our pants.

Functional pants excel when it comes to freedom of movement. Like a second skin, they follow your every move with ease, no matter how challenging.

Thanks to our special durable fabrics, the pants can easily withstand difficult endurance tests; their elasticity adapts to your every move – while providing maximum comfort. With all these functionalities, we obviously can’t forget that it’s still very much about fashion. This is why we offer timeless, stylish cuts with classic colours. It allows you to combine your functional pants in so many different ways and wear them with completely different outfits. Therefore, our functional pants are your perfect companion for all kinds of activities in the outdoors as well as in your free time.

Rain, slush and snow - and still dry

The wind is whistling through the treetops, rain is pattering onto the leaves. Meanwhile, you’re trudging through centimetre-thick layers of mud, but you’re in no mood to hurry – the journey is the destination. And your multi-functional pants also have a role to play here. They withstand adverse weather conditions with masterly skill, your legs remain dry and not a single drop of mud or cold rain penetrates the fabric. The key to all this are the various technologies that we use in our functional pants. That includes primarily:

  • mTEX
  • dryprotec
  • water-repellent finish 

We developed mTEX to provide perfectly balanced weather protection. The membrane makes the clothing completely waterproof – with water columns at three levels: 5,000 mm, 10,000 mm and 20,000 mm. Furthermore, the membrane ensures that the whistling wind from outside won't be able to get through to your body and cool you. By the same token, it also caters for breathability so that sweat vapour can escape to the outside. This way you stay nice and dry from the outside and inside.

Our standard technology for highly breathable functional pants that also dry very quickly after the downpour is over is dryprotec. The synthetic fabric massively speeds up moisture transport compared to other materials, which in turn provides high breathability and a speedy drying time. Besides, it is a very easy-care fabric.

We are committed to sustainability, which is why our water-repellent finish doesn’t contain any PFC.

We haven’t used any PFC (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals) in any of our products, from our functional pants to our ski jackets, since fall 2018. As part of our Mission Clean Function, we are taking responsibility for Mother Nature, our planet and people. We live and breathe social and ecological sustainability and show that it can go hand in hand with high-performance clothing. Our weather protection emulsion is responsible for the water-repellent properties in all our products – including all the different models of our functional pants.

Plain but practical details

When critical areas such as seams and zips are forgotten, then it doesn’t matter how good the water-repellent fabrics are: you still won’t stay completely dry. In order to eliminate weak spots, our seams are welded and only zips are used that themselves are water-repellent to make sure that every single millimetre of the functional pants is water-repellent.

The weather is unpredictable in the mountains, bright sunshine can often be followed by intense rain showers. Zip-off pants allow you to react in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a couple of quick motions to make the long multi-functional pants shorter so you can enjoy the sunshine on your calves.


Functional pants from Maier Sports: perfect outdoor companions

For us, functional pants are not only a piece of clothing that looks good and is waterproof. As a fitting specialist, our outdoor pants fit like a glove so you won’t only have maximum movement in any situation, you’ll also be comfortable. Weatherproof, durable fabrics add the finishing touch. Your next outdoor adventure awaits you!