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MaierSportsLong-Distance hiking

For those who love hiking far away.

Maier Sports Long-distance hiking Going back to the basics

The tourism industry keeps coming up with more and more first-rate trails with numerous stages as well as accommodation specifically adapted for long-distance hikers. The Way of St.James is still a big hit. Pilgrimages are “in”. Adventure hiking is just as popular as crossing the Alps on foot. And the classic Alpine hikes from hut to hut are enjoying something of a renaissance.

Going back to the basics” and “slowing down” are catchphrases of our time, and they are finding growing significance in long-distance hiking. Maier Sports took up this theme quite early on with its own long-distance hiking collection and has enhanced it for 2017.

Not only the weather and the climate terms can change often on a long-distance hike. But also the surroundings in which you move. In the morning on the trail with bagpack, there is fog and drizzle. In the afternoon at the museum und during the stroll through the town with light bright periods. Aferwards just a few kilometres on the hiking trail in a smal village, where you want to feel comfortable in your hiking clothes on the way to dinner.

Long-distance hiking ist not just hiking a few days more, it's a total different claim to the equipment because the luggage is restricted. Nobody wants to carry more than absolutely necessary, but wants to be prepared for all eventualities. For this case, the specialists from the development department of Maier Sports have created our long-distance hiking collection.

The Maier Sports long-distance hiking jacket absolutely innovative

The main item of the Maier Sports long-distance hiking collection is our absolutely innovative jackets Jacob (for men) and Solveig (for women), with a smart backpack cap, which can be attached to the jacket to keep the backpack dry.

This patented Maier Sports innovation (Patent DE102013019515) offers double rainprotection: for people and backpack. Therefore our long-distance hiking rain jacket was distinguished with europes most important price of innovation, the Plus X Award of high quality, design and function. The test editors of the magazine "outdoor" call the jacket even "brilliant". 

It is pretty and offers best comfort, it is elastic and has a wind- and waterproof ans also breathable mTEX 20.000 membrane. To keep the backpack with all its stuff inside dry, like the body, the patented cape  provides a a quite special solution. The material is made out of very light mTEX 20.000 and is connected in the collar aswell as on the left and on the right in to the hip with the jacket. In addition, the cape lies over the shoulders as a bolero and is closed with bush buttons in front of the breast. The cape can be adapted in backpack dimensions of 35 to 60 litres.

The cape which reaches over the backpack and again disappears fast in the provided bag, offers the determining advantage that no rain can penetrate between the jackets and the backpack-back. With it the backpack upholsterer remains also dry what is not the case by the application of a rain cover. Travellers in particular appreciate this when after a downpour the sun appears again and they want to take off the jacket. For impregnation we use the possibility most lasting currently: a biodegradable PFC-freeausrüstung equipment, which lets the water roll off. This ecologically freindly impregnation is washing-resistant, to that a postimpregnation is not necessary after a very long-distance hike.

long-distance hiking highlights for women

long-distance hiking highlights for men