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Fashion meets the outdoors

The adventures start right on your doorstep. So you always need to be ready and well-equipped. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to get out into the great outdoors, set off on your holiday, simply go for a stroll through town or leave for work. Be open to new ideas. With our Outdoor styles. Where fashion meets the outdoors – for everyday adventures.

Winter wonderland. This term takes on a completely new meaning when we think about the kind of unpredictable weather we might have to expect this winter. But it doesn’t matter – as you’ll be more than ready with our winter jackets.

For walking and hiking through fabulously snowy landscapes. For drab grey-in-grey and slush in town. For your winter holiday, when you want go for a stroll, wrapped up nice and cosy, exploring all the possibilities a winter sports village has to offer off the beaten piste.

Our parkas and outdoor coats are completely weatherproof thanks to the mTEX 10.000 membrane as it makes our versatile winter jackets windproof, waterproof and breathable. And they come with effective insulation in the form of the thinner mTHERM Light version or the thicker mTHERM padding.

Lifestyle collection for women

Women who enjoy being outside during winter tend to prefer longer jackets and outdoor coats. Simply because these styles are extremely warm as they go over the hips. After all, many women are more sensitive to temperature than men and tend to freeze more easily.

Our Notos Coat is very popular with women who want something really warm and ultralight. An ultramodern quilted coat with the super warm and innovative PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume insulation. Very breathable and will keep you warm even if it’s damp. Naturally with an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish. The figure-flattering stitching will make you look stylish, wherever you are.

And what do I wear under it? A frequently asked question.
A check blouse is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their outdoor style every day. Naturally with the right squares. Namely with Merta, our take on this recurring theme: chic, contemporary and creative.

Should it get warmer, then turtlenecks or fleece pullovers are a good first choice. Choose between sassy and stylish in cool colours or with a print and some glitter. Or classic, plain and in colours you can’t go wrong with, such as black.

Lifestyle collection for man

And what are men looking for? Strong characters, of course. Such as parkas. Parkas are cool. Outdoor function with an outdoor look. A little rustic, yet urban by all means. Practical with the many pockets and nice and warm thanks to the longer cut. These features demonstrate convincingly why parkas are in again this winter. Something for you, too?

Parkas were first used by the military. But nowadays the jackets look very “plain-clothed” and are extremely popular with outdoor, nature and hiking fans. And also with people who first and foremost want to be dressed in weatherproof clothing for town, walks or short strolls.

Casual, with a style radiating independence and a touch of freedom. After all, parkas go perfectly with all kinds of boots, jeans or outdoor pants and any number of winterproof accessories. The right look for all outdoor enthusiasts who also enjoy being active in winter.

Our parkas and outdoor jackets are completely weatherproof thanks to the mTEX 10.000 membrane as it makes our versatile winter jackets windproof, waterproof and breathable. And they come with effective insulation. If you’re highly active, then we recommend models with the slightly thinner mTHERM Light version. If you like it nice and cosy, then you should go for the thicker mTHERM padding.

When it comes to the layer underneath, you need to look at two criteria: your heat sensitivity or activity level and your preferred look. If you’re physically active and don’t freeze that quickly, then you’ll be ready for anything with a casual check shirt or a thick fleece pullover. If you prefer to take it easy, then you should opt for thicker fleece pullovers and jackets. And when it gets really icy, then you can wear first-rate insulating clothing such as our Notos jacket or vest. The high-quality PrimaLoft® insulation is just as good as down. But with the additional advantage of being quite insensitive to moisture.