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MaierSportsCycle Touring

Because outdoor fans like all kinds of sports.

Maier Sports Cycle Touring

Outdoor fans like all kinds of sports. Many like to go hiking and are also enthusiastic cyclists. Th e cycle touring collection created specifi cally for this target group has been extremely successful and we have consistently developed and expanded it for 2017.

Clothing that meets the specifi c requirements of both activities. Pants, mid-layers and jackets that are just as impressive on a bike as when hiking, in town, in a beer garden or during other leisure activities. Th e Cycling/Hiking collection combines all the functions suitable for both cycling and hiking with a fashionable casual style that also looks good in an urban environment

The products of our cycle touring collection perform exactly this. While walking and cycling as well. About 75 years of textile know-how is also put into this collection, just as our exprience as fitting specialist and our swabian inventive spirit. For the development of course we have obtain for the expert's assessment of the colleagues of our sister's brand GONSO whoes home is bikewear.


cycle touring-pants absolutely innovative

Our cycle touring combination pants are cutted the way that one can carry cycle underpants underneath perfectly. The seat, where the friction on saddle is the hightest, is reinforced with indelible Ripstop-textile. All the other parts of the pants are made of an elastic and indelible textile, so one has full range of moving space. At once this guarantees a perfect fit und high comfort in wearing.

The pants waistband is extra wide, so make sure that the pants nicely lie close to the back while riding the bike with a forwards stooped upper part of the body. A combination of adjustable flaps and belt loops is perfect for individual adjustment of the waist.

Another important detail is the size regulation of the calf. Thereby the pants can nestle up closely agaist the legs, so while cycling nothing flutters or can get in the chain. If you descende from the bike to stroll by the city or to go to a restaurant, you simply open the push button, which is hidden inside the pants legs and it looks like a normal outdoor or leisure pants again. Like this these pants don't look like tipical cycling pants and can be also be used for a cycle- or hiking tour or multifunctional in combination with other leisure time activities. EsOf course these pants have reflectores.

By the way: By the name of Brandenburg for women and Sachsen for men Maier Sports offers these hiking pants for cyclilng also in a short version. Especially made for those who want to show more leg. 

cycle touring-pants for women and men

cycle touring-jackets meaningful details

For bikers and hikers are also equally suited the Maier Sport's cycle touring jackets which are offered in women and men versions. The versatile cycle touring and outdoor jacket with their mTEX 10.000 weather protection membrane protects from the wind and rain and together with the ventilation system ensures a pleasant body climate, even on climbs. 

Not only bikers are happy about the longer splashguard on the back. It really proves its value if you want to take a break on a wet bench from hiking or cycling. 

Specifically for bikes is the practical extension on the back on the hand. Reflectores are not absent either. 

The shirts which are suitable for hiking as well as cycling, because of the bike specific details, complete the collection which also contains rainpants and cycling boxers. These functional cycle underpants is provided by the reliable seat cushion of the Maier Sports sister brand GONSO.

cycle touring-jackets for women and men